2017 Audience Survey
Help us make CreativeMornings/Austin even better in 2018.
First, let's consider the events of 2017…

Which 2017 talks did you attend? *

How many CreativeMornings talks have you watched online this year? *

Including talks from other cities.
How many CreativeMornings talks did you hear via podcast this year? *

Yes, there's a podcast! https://creativemornings.com/podcast
Did you attend any FieldTrips events in 2017? *

FieldTrips are one-of-a-kind, small-group experiences like discussions, tours, or workshops.
How many FieldTrips did you attended? *

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How much do you enjoy FieldTrips overall? *

Which FieldTrips experience was your favorite?

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Do you have any suggestions or comments for the FieldTrips team specifically?

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Now, let's consider breakfast tacos & coffee…

What is your favorite breakfast taco?

We source our breakfast tacos from TacoDeli. If you need a reminder of which taco is which, here is their menu: http://www.tacodeli.com/menus/best-breakfast-tacos-austin/ (V = Vegetarian; GF = Gluten Free)

How do you take your coffee?

How do you feel about #CMATX…

How much do you heart CreativeMornings/Austin? *

What are the three best words you'd use to describe CreativeMornings?

Why do you attend CreativeMornings?

Our mission is to be "Austin's most valuable community." How close are we to this goal? *

Bummer. We're not there yet. What would help us get closer to our goal of becoming "Austin's most valuable community?"

Sweet! We're on our way. Why would you say we're one of "Austin's most valuable communities?"

Thank you! We're glad you think we're "Austin's most valuable community." Please, tell us why!

If you could add or change one thing about CreativeMornings what would it be?

Last, but never least, let's talk about you…

How would you describe yourself? *

What kind of new connections have you made at CreativeMornings? "I've met a…"

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If you ever have a specific comment, question or suggestion, please send us an email: austin@creativemornings.com
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